Lower Providence Township Parks & Recreation
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LPT Rules and Regulations for the Pavilions

Lower Providence Township
       Department of Parks and Recreation
It is the responsibility of the permit holder to inform and enforce facility use regulations among those attending their event or activity.
  • You must call (610) 635-3543 to confirm the availability of the date and facility you would like to reserve before submitting your forms and fee(s).
  • Payment (security deposit, and rental fee) is due within one week from the time of reservation.
  • There will be NO refunds given for a facility rental unless cancellation is given in writing 5 BUSINESS days prior to the reservation date.
  • Alcoholic Beverages are PROHIBITED in all parks and facilities. These beverages may not be sold, possessed, distributed or consumed under any circumstances.  Individuals and groups violating this ordinance are subject to citation and fines.
  • Smoking is PROHIBITED within fifty (50) feet of any athletic field or play structure.
  • Vehicles shall not park or drive along the walking paths in the parks. Vehicles must park in designated lots marked for parking purposes only.
  • A pavilion permit does NOT reserve or entitle the group to utilize or reserve the surrounding facilities. The group may use the fields, courts, play structures, etc. if available
  • All dogs must always be on a leash (maximum 6 feet in length) and under the owner’s control.
  • No damaging, defacing, destroying, or moving township owned property, trees, shrubs, signs, structures, equipment, or other materials.
  • Restrooms will be opened for pavilion rental events. Special care should be taken to insure these are not damaged.
  • After the use of the grills please assure you cover the hot coals with ice or water, so they are cooled down.
  • If weather conditions (at the park) prohibit use of the facility, you must notify the Parks Department by phone at (610) 635-3543, prior to your scheduled time on the day of your event.
              In the case of a rainout
  • You are entitled to reschedule your rental to an available date during the current year.
NOTE: Partial use = NO REFUND